GRÄFE UND UNZER - a house with a history

In this 21st century, GRÄFE UND UNZER looks back on a publishing history of almost 300 years.

The Munich-based market leader in the German-speaking guidebook market has its roots in Prussia. Established in 1722 as Gottfried Eckart book store in Königsberg, the 'house of books' continuously expanded and from the early 19th century traded under the name of GRÄFE UND UNZER. In the Weimar Republic, it was Europe's biggest, most state-of-the-art general book store. From the rubble of the Second World War a new enterprise emerged: in times of the economic miracle, GRÄFE UND UNZER turned into a pure publishing company and from its headquarters in Bavaria wrote a success story as one of the 20th century's most successful popular publishers.

Since the 1970s, GRÄFE UND UNZER has been Germany's top cookbook publisher. It demonstrates continuous growth with a focus on practical guidebooks in print and digital form, expands the range under brands such as GU, TEUBNER, HALLWAG, GRÄFE UND UNZER and küchengö (kitchen gods), and successfully asserts its market-leadership in the field of guidebooks.