GRÄFE UND UNZER VERLAG with its ranges covering the areas 'Cooking', 'Body, Mind & Soul', 'Couples, Parents & Family', and 'Gardening, Pets & Nature' is one of Europe's leading guidebook publishers.

Clear editorial concepts, high quality standards, and optimal reader-friendliness distinguish the products. This applies both to classic self-help books and countless digital products such as e-books and apps. To address different target groups, the publishing company has introduced a variety of brands for end consumers, including GU, HALLWAG and TEUBNER.

The Gräfe und Unzer label is home to books of prominent authors. To cater for the specific target groups, the guidebooks are not only offered in traditional book stores and on e-commerce platforms, but also in shops related to the respective topic, for example in furniture shops, garden centers, wine shops, and even in pharmacies.

GRÄFE UND UNZER - a leading publishing company in the guidebook market

'Offering guidance' has been the company's domain since the very beginning: GRÄFE UND UNZER's core competency lies in the design, realization and marketing of titles in various ranges with different subject areas. One of the success factors is the consistent brand management of the GU, TEUBNER, HALLWAG and GRÄFE UND UNZER labels.

The GU core brand bundles the subject areas 'Cooking', 'Body, Mind & Soul', 'Couples, Parents & Family', and 'Gardening, Pets & Nature'. TEUBNER releases sophisticated cookbooks for ambitious hobby chefs and professionals, and HALLWAG is the exclusive brand for wine books. The GRÄFE UND UNZER label allows the publishing of authors and topics irrespective of form and genre.

GRÄFE UND UNZER is the supplier with the highest turnover in the German-speaking guidebook market; in some market segments, it is the European leader. The GU Kitchen Guides have been the most successful cookbook series worldwide since 1975.


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