People, brands, markets

Our employees

Knowing how to deal with topics, trends, media and brands: a major contribution to the success of GRÄFE UND UNZER. Behind the products are experts: about 120 employees at the Munich-based publishing company work with dedication and closely together to design, edit, produce and market the products that have made the company so famous.

"Many publishing companies make books. Only few make guidebooks with such a benefit to the customer!" (quote employee)

Our products

Brand management for people: GRÄFE UND UNZER is a branded company that offers products geared towards its consumers' wishes. The paramount maxim of GRÄFE UND UNZER is the closeness to and dialogue with its customers. Anyone buying branded products released by this publishing company has a reason to trust this top quality. And satisfied customers have done so for many decades.

Every single item by this publishing house is a unique piece, carefully devised, designed and produced. GRÄFE UND UNZER speaks its own language: all products shout out loud JOIE DE VIVRE. The topics make being on this planet nicer, easier, more worth living: GRÄFE UND UNZER titles celebrate the joy of cooking, eating and drinking. They place physical and mental well-being at the centre and encourage a sound work-life balance. They demonstrate how man can live in harmony with nature and how to treat animals and plants correctly.

Indulgence and consciousness, joy and sensuality: a wish from GRÄFE UND UNZER for its customers. The products transport credibility and trustworthiness. GRÄFE UND UNZER gives its customers a quality promise - including a return guarantee for errors.

Our vision

Success and growth: these are the goals declared in the company's statutes. GRÄFE UND UNZER asserts its market leadership in highly competitive markets. The publishing house is expanding this position continuously and doing so in fair competition.