The brand with the large, silver 'T' on the back of the book is considered a basic library and quality leader. TEUBNER is known for unique food photography.
The brand stages aesthetic presentations of international cooking and baking classics as well as topics all about food.
Whether a maître de cuisine or a passionate hobby chef: TEUBNER stands for highest expertise when it comes to information on ingredients, kitchen practice, and recipes.

Look it up, get expert advice, cook passionately: the TEUBNER standard works set benchmarks. At the heart of the publishing company is the TEUBNER EDITION. Further titles such as 'Food. The whole world of foodstuffs', 'The big TEUBNER kitchen practice', or 'TEUBNER German cuisine' create quite a furor not only in the professional world. With regard to length, design and language too, these profound works have been known to hold quite a surprise. Laurels for a class of its own: the publisher's products regularly receive internationally renowned awards.

But the innovative presentation of the food topics by no means is an indication that the brand accommodates every popular trend. At present, about 30 quality titles are available.

Culinary masterworks are presented in text and images here.

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