Brand GU

Two black letters on a yellow background: this is the quality mark of the market-leading guidebook brand GU. Whether you notice it at a book store, a pharmacy, or a pet shop - for decades this label has stood for competence and innovation.

GU is what you call a 'benchmark': distinctive, trend-setting - a benchmark for competitors.

GU has grown with and because of its target groups. Cookbooks such as 'Basic Cooking' or 'Cook! The Golden GU' as well as guidebooks on topics such as nutrition, e.g. 'Slim While Sleeping' by best-selling author Dr. Detlef Pape, recognize the signs of the times and consumers' needs. The self-help books on topics such as 'Cooking', 'Body, Mind & Soul', 'Couples, Parents & Family', and 'Gardening, Pets & Nature' encourage joie de vivre. A broad and modern target group picks up these impulses. GU readers are predominantly feminine. GU enables women to find inspiration, enjoy the present, be informed, up-to-date, and active: welcome to life.

Positive emotions and solutions to problems: GU helps people to take happiness, health, success and well-being into their own hands. And just as every single reader has its individual 'personality', so does each GU title. Just as the customers' demands grow, GU titles too continue to advance. Define yourself, find guidance, start anew: GU's readers do not stand still and neither does the publishing company. Inside and out.

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