Since 2007, the Munich-based publishing company has also released books under the 'Gräfe und Unzer' label, thereby offering the opportunity to publish authors and topics irrespective of form and genre.
The authors include prominent names such as, for example, Johann Lafer, Susanne Fröhlich, Ursula Karven, Nina Ruge, Sarah Wiener and best-selling authors like Ruediger Dahlke, Dr. Pierre Dukan, Werner Tiki Küstenmacher, Bärbel and Manfred Mohr, Jan Weiler, or Johanna Paungger-Poppe.

The range clearly focuses on individual titles, aiming to generate best-sellers. The focus is on special self-help and non-fiction topics that are strongly influenced by the author's personality or an instance and presented in top quality. Gräfe und Unzer's range aims to surprise. Author personalities are provided with a publishing platform that conveys original insights to its readers, a new view of things, and of course entertainment.

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